Simon George Robert Monckton-Arundell (1929-1971)

The 9th Viscount Galway, Simon George Robert Monckton-Arundell, also served in the Life Guards, obtaining the rank of Major. He attended school at Eton, and married the Lady Teresa Fox-Strangeways. They had a daughter, but no sons, and because of succession laws, the daughter could not inherit the titles Viscount Galway and Baron Killard. After his death the title Baron Monckton of Serlby ceased to exist. The title Visocunt Galway moved to another branch of Monckton family connected to the younger brother of the 6th Viscount, Edmund Gambien Monckton. His grandson became the next Viscount Galway.
Simon George Robert Monckton-Arundell, the ninth Monckton Viscount Galway and Baron Killard.