George Edward Milnes Monckton-Arundell (1844-1931)

The 7th Viscount Galway also represented East Retford in Parliament. All together he sat on three different parliaments from 1868 to 1885. When a Redistrubution Act divided his constituency into four new sections, he did not serve any of the new sections. In July 1879 he married Vere Gosiling. He went to Oxford and received an M.A. He was also a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Nottinghamshire Regiment of Yeomanry. In 1887 the title Baron Monckton of Serlby was created giving the Viscount a seat in the British House of Lords. He was also an ADC (aide de Camp) to Queen Victoria, Edward VII and King George.
George Edward Milnes Monckton-Arundell, the seventh Monckton Viscount Galway and Baron Killard.